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Linden Leaves

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 Made in New Zealand.

In BloomHand Creams from Linden Leaves. Hand Cream 25ml. 

Aqua Lily: Citrus, pear and lily.

Green Verbena: Packed with nourishing cocoa butter, evening primrose and sesame oils.

Pink Petal:Pink petals, grapefruit, ylang ylang, clove bud and musk.


Beautiful Botanical Hand Creams from Linden Leaves. Aromatherapy Synergy Hand Cream 25ml

In Love Again: Neroli, vanilla and sandalwood

Absolute Dreams: lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood and orange.

Memories:  rose, geranium and ylang ylang.

Pick Me Up: mandarin, petitgrain, rosemary and lavender

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