Rose Gold Mixed Straws

Cali Woods

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Eco friendly and Stylish Rose Gold Mixed pack of Reuseable Straws from CaliWoods. 

Short Straw pack:

The eco-luxe touch to your Cocktails, Kiddie Cups, or Short Glasses are here! Short Straws are also handy to fit in your wallet or pocket for on the go! 

6 x Rose Gold Short Straws - 5mm x 150mm

1 x Cleaner Brush -  one size fits all


Mixed Straw pack:

Eco and stylish! The CaliWoods Rose Gold Mixed Pack for giving every drink that luxurious rose gold sparkle.  

2 x Rose Gold Smoothie Straws - 9mm x 215mm

2 x Rose Gold Bent Drinking Straws - 6mm x 215mm

1 x Natural Fibre Cleaner Brush -  one size fits all



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