Huski has arrived!!!

Huski has arrived!!!

Another Fantastic Kiwi brand has arrived. Huski is a business built on Kiwi Ingenuity. 


They say you should start a business doing what you love best…

Well, for us, there's very little we love more than an ice-cold beer. However, too often we've had to settle for less. The hot kiwi sun and warm hands quickly warm even the coldest of beers. And in a country with just 4 million people that drinks more than 300 million litres of beer a year1, we thought that sounded like a problem worth solving.

From this love of cold beer, Huski was born.

Since then we’ve broadened our horizons a little bit, but not too much. We’re now looking at new ways we can help deliver a better drinking experience, whatever the occasion.

We created Huski in the belief that sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to design products which we hope will make people’s lives, and the environment we live in, that little bit better, every day.

P. S. We’re also stoked to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

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