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Samantha Abbott

Glass Necklace

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Introducing our captivating Glass Necklaces, meticulously handcrafted by Australian artist Samantha Abbott, an expert glass jeweler who has honed her skills through training in Italy. Each necklace is a true masterpiece, showcasing Samantha's refined craftsmanship and artistic vision.

Samantha's training in Italy, renowned for its rich history in glasswork, has elevated her expertise to new heights. Inspired by the techniques and traditions of Italian glass jewelry, she infuses her creations with a sense of timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.

Wearing one of Samantha Abbott's Glass Necklaces is not just adorning yourself with a beautiful accessory; it's embracing a piece of art that tells a story. The necklace becomes a conversation starter, a symbol of elegance and sophistication.