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How to Find Calm in Five Minutes

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This book includes over 60 prompts and ideas to help you pause for peace and connect to calm every single day - and each tip takes no longer than five minutes

Pockets of calm are all around us, even on the busiest of days - and they're easy to find when you know where to look. All you need is five minutes. Guiding you through each stage of your day, these soothing rituals will help you to recentre yourself and rise above everyday stresses.

Tips include:
- How to incorporate mindfulness into your routine
- Starting the day with a relaxation exercise and a calming mantra
- Visualizing what calm looks like to you
- Writing down your worries to gain focus and perspective

Even the smallest moment of calm can transform your outlook, so whether you follow one tip or many, you're sure to de-stress, boost your well-being and find clarity and calm every day.