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How to Survive a Quarter Life Crisis

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My 'life goals before 25' when I was 20: mortgage, become an MD or social media sensation, have good hair, have my own sustainable coffee shop, travel to 98 countries.

My life goals on the eve of my 25th birthday: afford my rent without getting overdrawn this month, get at least two likes on my Instagram post on my new shoes, remember to pluck nose hairs before work, stop mislaying my refillable coffee cup, visit my parents once a month.

Is it just me, or does everyone else have their shit together?

Believe me, you’re not alone! If you’re having sleepless nights about your latest social media post, think that you’re a bit of a loser in love, or have a job that you hate (but you need the money and there are no full-time poet positions out there), then this book is your life-jacket and comfort blanket rolled into one sweet package. Learn why you’re not the failure you think you are, and why actually you’re well on your way to being a flawed-but-brilliant grown-up, as this guide helps you navigate your way through the choppy waters of your quarter-life crisis.