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No Place Like Home

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Transform your home into a restful and restorative space to enjoy, whether you’re relaxing or working

It’s time to make your home a wellness zone!

Your home environment should lift you up and bring you joy. But as you live and work in one place, you're all the more aware of how surroundings can affect your well-being.

No Place Like Home offers simple and effective ways to transform your home environment to be more mindfully aligned with who you are. It’s packed with ideas for upcycling and decluttering, as well as comforting recipes, soothing relaxation rituals and innovative ways to bring the outside in. This restorative book will help you rediscover the delights of your four walls as a space for calm, productivity, happiness and personal growth.

Chapters include:
HOME SANCTUARY: Explore crystal healing; Manifest your goals; Room to breathe
BRING THE OUTSIDE IN: Pine cone garland; Leaf confetti; Seashell tealights
A MINDFUL HOME: Cleanse your space; Set your intentions; A morning ritual
A SUSTAINABLE HOME: Upcycling; Natural dyeing; Sustainable home spa; Eat green
THE HEART OF THE HOME: Hearty veggie lasagne; Chewy chocolate chip cookies; Homemade strawberry jam