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The Sport Puzzle Book

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Test your golf knowledge with this exciting collection of puzzles and trivia

Discover word searches, riddles, crosswords, spot-the-differences and much more in this fun-filled activity book for golf lovers. Whether you're trying to match the pairs of golf clubs or helping putt the ball through the maze, this book is guaranteed to be a favourite for all who enjoy the game.

Golf fans love a bit of trivia, and this entertaining puzzle book is filled with all kinds of interesting facts, games and activities to whet your quizzing appetite. Put your knowledge to the test and wow your friends with your expertise.

Hone your puzzling skills by pitting your wits against challenges such as:

- Locating the names of famous golfers hidden in a word search
- Unscrambling the names of things you can find on the golf course
- Spotting the differences between two scenes of a golfer hitting a tee shot
- Guessing when the four major tournaments were first held, and other fascinating trivia