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The Zero-Waste Kitchen

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This book will help you save money, buy less and do your bit for the environment - just through loving your leftovers! It's your essential guide to shopping smarter and making meals that go the extra mile. Trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in the kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of help and encouragement you can dramatically reduce your food waste. Not only does this help your budget, as you don't have to buy so much food, but it can also help to save the planet - because when you're using up your leftovers rather than throwing them away, you reduce your carbon footprint. The Zero-Waste Kitchen includes: Meal-planning hacks Simple ways to store your food for maximum freshness Ideas for growing vegetables and fruit from the scraps you usually throw away An A-Z guide to common leftovers and how they can be used in the kitchen and beyond Easy-to-follow recipes for using up ingredients that tend to go to waste And much, much more!