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Why Your Dog Thinks Your a Hero

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This hilarious and heartfelt gift book is the perfect guide to the many reasons why your dog thinks you are a hero

Owning a dog is to have a four-legged best friend who worships your every move. Each time you walk through the door, you become the centre of their universe, and their love for you is only matched by their love of scoffing sausages and chasing cats. As their amazing owner, you know what it takes to care for them, but allow this book to show how much it means to your furry friend.

Filled with witty original illustrations, this book explains the curious reasons behind all your dog's goofy looks and behaviours. Discover what your dog is saying through their barks and tail wags, and why they think you're the best.

Whether you're leaving enough room for them on the sofa, taking them for walkies or always bringing them treats, you really are the hero in their big puppy-dog eyes.